Richol Bakery
Richol Bakery

About US

Native of Martinique, Albert Richol lived and worked in Paris as a pastry chef almost his entire life. A few years ago, he decided to venture to the United States and open his own French Bakery and Café in Brooklyn.

With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Albert knows exactly how to satisfy his customers with the finest in French pastries and cakes.


True to the French Cuisine

With a real passion for French cuisine, Chef Richol has developed a unique and creative culinary style that combines French tradition with an American Flair. He revamped famous French dishes to adapt them to his American clientele who works hard and is always on the go. He provides affordable, delicious breakfast and lunch options for his local community. 

A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Brooklyn

Don’t let the storefront fool you. Richol Bakery is a real hidden gem, right in the heart of Brooklyn. No matter what time of day you visit us, once you walk in, you will be impressed with your overall experience at Richol Bakery, an establishment that illustrates the brilliance and craft behind a well-run local family business.